Lesson One: Immunity Soup Stock

Immunity Soup Stock

Is there anything that feels more right when your family is sick, than a big bubbling pot of soup?  

Soup stocks of all kinds have been used for centuries for the sick and recovering. Traditional broths and stocks are typically made with water, meat, bones, vegetables and herbs that are simmered for long periods of time. This process extracts protein, vitamins, minerals, collagen and medicinal properties from herbs that are easily absorbed by the body. Broths by themselves are very healing for us when our bodies are taxed by a cold or flu, but they also make a great base for any kind of healing soup you would like to make. 

Many cultures around the world like to add different medicinal herbs for healing. I am giving you one of my favorite versions, but I really encourage you to play around with the ingredients. 

Medicine Momma



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